Living Green and Off the Grid

Not always an easy move but this resource makes the transition much easier. Mother Earth News provides a wealth of information for both new and experienced off-grid lifestylers. site has videos, newsletters and DIY's on so many topics it is amazing. 

Arts & Crafts with the Cricut

If you have not had the Cricut experience, you are definitely missing out. Purchasing all of the accessories  can become pricey but the fun is well worth it. . Subscribe to Design Space and create some amazing projects. 

Prepping for Disasters

We all know eventually a SHTF event is going to happen - a tornado, hurricane, zombie apocalypse or some other natural disaster. It is always good to know that your family is prepared and you know how to survive until help arrives or the disaster is over. 

Fermentation and Brewing

This is an art and a science. While the concept sounds fun, it is very challenging and requires a great deal of preparation, monitoring and skill. This site provides a crash course in Distillation and Fermentation

Tractor Wheels

United States Department of Agriculture

commonly referred to as USDA has been an American presence since 1862. The USDA provides education and assistance for farmers across the US. They are also responsible for federal regulations and laws pertaining to farming and agriculture. 

American Dairy Goat Association

located in Spindale, NC is one of the leading dairy goat registries. They provide services to maintain dairy goat breed standards, registry and shows. Membership is required for some of the advanced services, but they offer a level of membership to fit every need. 

Choosing a Livestock Guardian Dog

Every farm knows how important predator protection is and LGD's come in many different flavors. Choosing an LGD can be a complicated decision and requires a lot of research into the various breeds and their personalities. Whatever your needs, from watching chickens i the backyard, to patrolling acres on a ranch with goats, sheep or cattle - there is an LGD that will fit your needs.