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Blaz'n Trails Farm likes life to be a continual learning experience - and living on a farm is always a learning experience. We are currently engaged in some really amazing projects. I recently invested in welding equipment and enrolled in an online welding course. We are also pursuing some other amazing projects like distillation of our own herbs to produce some high quality essential oils, tinctures and salves. It is definitely going to be a great way to tap into our ancestral roots and utilize my Chemistry background. Speaking of chemistry - we are getting into fermentation as well - with kombucha and Meade. I cannot wait to sample some of our own creations. 

I think the most exciting thing is our dive into the creative world. I fell in love with barn quilts and plan to create and sale them on our site. as well as our own line of rock and crystal jewelry, among other specialty items. Be sure and browse our online store for items. Our social media sites (especially Pinterest) should have something for everyone and if you have something that interests you and we aren't discussing it, trying it or learning about it -let us know.