Difficult Births in Dairy Goats

This past weekend was both exhausting and filled with learning. We lost our Nubian Doe Blanche and her two newborn kids to a difficult birth. The kids were rejected and became chilled, I could never quite get the buckling to respond to heat, electrolytes or formula and the doe kid went downhill so quickly I did not have time to process what really happened. I was up all night keeping an eye on the kids, giving them electrolytes and making sure their body temps stayed above 100. by 7:30 AM both kids had passed and I went to check on mom. She was not doing any better but as I felt around, there did not seem to be another kid. Did she still have a kid inside her and I was too inexperienced to tell? How could I help her get through this - after all, I am not a blood, guts and body fluid type person. I snapped on a glove and hesitantly stuck a few fingers inside her to see if I could feel anything. I did not feel another kid so I was puzzled as to what the problem could be. I gave Blanche a shot of antibiotic and hoped for the best. We all loaded up and went to a mother's day dinner. When we got back, I immediately went to check on Blanche, she too had passed away. I was so frustrated and hurt. What could I have done differently? How could I get a better outcome with my next births? I have started my research on assisted and unassisted goat births, learning all I can about breech births and other difficulties to look for. My next kidding will be a win-win for us. I will keep you all posted on developments and my research findings.

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