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Welcome to Blaz'n Trails Farms. This site and blog have been in the works for quite a while. The start has been rocky and included: losing a few of my goats to some trespassing neighbors that wanted to feed them azalea, thought my farm was their personal petting zoo, got mad when I served them with letters of no trespass, poisoned my beloved sheepdog Babes, and finally getting them convicted in court. Dealing with all of this postponed the development of our aspiring farming operations.

Good news! We are back on track and have some awesome new additions to our farm family. Nova is our wonderful Newfoundland and Halley's Comet (aka Halley) is our sweet and rambunctious 8 month old Great Pyrenees. Last week we added Trouble, a cashmere goat wether and we are hoping for baby goats in December and January. Once we get babies, the goat milk products will commence. For now, please check back for pictures, updates and educational information. Hopefully as we learn and grow, we will share information and you will enjoy growing with us.

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